'Going Grey' breakfast/soup (or whatever takes your fancy!) bowl

'Going Grey' breakfast/soup (or whatever takes your fancy!) bowl


Hand thrown stoneware bowls

Multi-layered Celadon style glazes on white stoneware.These are the same glazes as the Teesdale in the Mist collection with an entirely different glaze application technique giving different glaze interaction, but the two collections are aesthetically complementary

Clay body - white stoneware

Price per bowl - 2 available


Mugs available separately

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Each bowl h 7cm x w: 12cm at rim and holds 18 fluid oz

Food safe; dishwasher and oven-proof 

(if you do cook in these bowls as with all ceramic cookware take care to avoid thermal shock - i.e. don't subject to sudden extreme temperature changes such as directly transferring from oven to cold water- as you may cause cracking)