'Just...' mugs

'Just...' mugs


Hand thrown and decorated mugs

Hand painted with underglaze and a variety of glazes.

Clay body - white stoneware

Inspired by earlier work on 'when this is over...' and "'Down' ***'Not Out'" pieces which show the influence of the work of Paul Klee, Banksy, John Maltby and my experience of shielding during Covid these 'Just breathe...' mugs are my tentative attempt to move on creatively and in life.


Price each


 Each mug measures h:8cm x w:10cm at rim

and holds 10fl oz (1/2 pint)

Food safe; dishwasher and oven-proof 

(if you do cook in this vessel as with all ceramic cookware take care to avoid thermal shock - i.e. don't subject to sudden extreme temperature changes such as directly transferring from oven to cold water- as you may cause cracking)