'Teesdale in the Mist' milk/cream (or whatever) jug

'Teesdale in the Mist' milk/cream (or whatever) jug


Hand thrown stoneware jug

Clay body - white stoneware

Decorated with 6 handpainted layers of celadon style glaze to achieve a final exterior glaze result inspired by the mist on the rolling Teesdale hills (see image).

Internal glaze white celadon


Note: both the bowl and mugs in this range shown in the images are available to purchase separately.

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Jug h: 7cm x w: 7 cm at rim holds 10fl.oz (1/2 pint)

Food safe; dishwasher and oven-proof 

(if you do cook in this jug, as with all ceramic cookware take care to avoid thermal shock - i.e. don't subject to sudden extreme temperature changes such as directly transferring from oven to cold water- as you may cause cracking)