ceramics by judith walker - handmade stoneware ceramic noodle / rice bowls - cook in, eat from, admire - art for everyday

'Vapour Trail' Noodle (or whatever takes your fancy!) bowls


Hand thrown bowls with carved chopstick rest - price for set of six - available as set of 4 or a pair

Exterior decoration various oxide wash trails and sprayed wood ash applied at the leatherhard stage (i.e. pre-bisque firing) 

Following bisque firing a blended blue/grey Celadon style glaze applied inside and out then fired to vitrification.

Clay body is a flecked buff stoneware.


Price for 6; 4 or a pair

size. w:13cm (at rim) x h:8cm

chopsticks included

£45 per pair

£80 for 4

£110 for all 6


stackable for space-saving, food safe, dishwasher and oven-proof


(if you do cook in these bowls as with all ceramic cookware take care to avoid thermal shock - i.e. don't subject to sudden extreme temperature changes such as directly transferring from oven to cold water- as you may cause cracking)


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