ceramics by judith walker - handmade stoneware ceramic noodle / rice bowls - cook in, eat from, admire - art for everyday

'Vapour Trail' Noodle (or whatever takes your fancy!) bowls


Hand thrown bowls with carved chopstick rest 

Price per bowl

Exterior decoration various oxide wash trails and sprayed wood ash applied at the leatherhard stage (i.e. pre-bisque firing) 

Following bisque firing a blended blue/grey Celadon style glaze applied inside and out then fired to vitrification.

Clay body is a flecked buff stoneware.


size. w:13cm (at rim) x h:8cm

chopsticks included

£20 each


stackable for space-saving, food safe, dishwasher and oven-proof


(if you do cook in these bowls as with all ceramic cookware take care to avoid thermal shock - i.e. don't subject to sudden extreme temperature changes such as directly transferring from oven to cold water- as you may cause cracking)